Case Study E

Rosa Taylor 001

E, a woman in her mid-50s, suffered a mental breakdown in 2005 which affected her ability to work. Having expressed an interest in photography her Occupational Therapist referred her to us in 2013. Her illness made it difficult for her to go out alone and she initially was accompanied to our activities by her son. Showcasing her work at her end of course exhibition motivated her to take her photography further and she subsequently showed work at the ‘With a Twist’ exhibition.

She too participated in the pilot projects for our ‘Stepping Stones: Developing Workplace Skills’ programme gaining skills on how to work with clients and their customers.   This motivated her to seriously consider getting back into the workforce. During 2014 she set up a photography partnership with E and has become a self-employed support worker for other vulnerable people. We were pleased to give her a reference and she is now moved onto paid employment.

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