Is photography a soft subject

Is photography a soft subject? That’s what the Russell Group, which represents the UK’s 20 largest universities, seems to think. But, photography lecturers have hit back at the assumption

Top UK universities have issued new guidance [PDF] to high-school students looking to join their ranks. The guide, issued by the Russell Group, which represents the UK’s 20 best universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, confirms “rumours that have circulated for years that they favour those subjects over newer ones such as business studies or photography,” writes The Guardian.

In the guide, at the question “Do universities prefer certain advanced level subjects over others?”, top universities answer that “there are many rumours about subjects being regarded as ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ and different people will have differing opinions on the matter. In general, subjects referred to as being ‘hard’ are more traditional and theoretical subjects, for example: English, History, Physics and Chemistry. ‘Soft’ subjects are usually subjects with a vocational or practical bias, for example: Media Studies, Art and Design, Photography and Business Studies. However, there is no set definition of a ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ subject. Generally speaking, students who take one ‘soft’ subject as part of a wider portfolio of subjects do not experience any problems applying to a Russell Group university.”

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