WEYA events at the Hub

WEYA events at the Hub on Monday 10th September 2012 

12–1pm, Nottingham Photographers’ Hub: The Catalogue

Joshua Muyiwa (India) presents a dramatic reading of ‘The Catalogue’, a series of poems on the history of photography and poetry told through the relationship between a photographer and a poet. You can book tickets for free on the WEYA eventbrite webpage here

1.30–3.30pm, Nottingham Photographers’ Hub: Workshop on Writing and Photography

Following on from Joshua Muyiwa’s The Catalogue (12–1pm), Marc Nair (Singapore) leads a workshop on creative writing and photography. Participants will explore the link between the two artforms, look at ways of reading a photograph, and have a go at caption poems and writing based on images. A light lunch will be available between 1 and 1.30pm for those attending both The Catalogue and the workshop. You can book tickets for free on the WEYA eventbrite webpage here 

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