Free Photojournalism Workshop

Find out how to take good photographs, how to tell a news story with a photograph, and how to sell your images to the press.

This workshop is part of Media Trust’s Cam360 project, which aims to get professional journalists and citizen journalists working together on crowd-sourced citizen photojournalism.

The training is part of the Media Trust’s International Press Institute funded news innovation project to create an iPhone app that will allow news organisations, including hyperlocal media to create photo opportunities for images, which citizens can then respond to and upload to the app. Citizens will also be able to sell photographs to professional journalists should they want to use them in their publications.

The training will cover:

  • What is Cam360?
  • Capturing a story
  • Captioning and tagging
  • Uploading and Selling
  • Responsible photographer – Ethics and Legalities

The session will be lead by Nottingham Photographers’ hub and supported by the charity Photovoice

To register your interest, indicating why you would like to be considered,

Contact:,      Telephone: 07502 117744

We only have limited places on this course and all participants will need to bring along their digital camera and/or their smart phone and, if possible a laptop.

The training will take place between 2pm to 5pm on Thursday December 6th.

Location: Studio P, 69-73 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham, NG1 3BB

Please book a ticket from our eventbrite page

Eventbrite - Free Photojournalism Workshop


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