Community Capsule project

The Nottingham Photographer’s Hub in partnership with the Nottingham Black Archive aim to create a virtual archive documenting the contribution of Nottingham’s black servicemen to the war effort and the rebuilding of the city from 1939 to 1955. Using photographs, artefacts, and oral histories we will create a book, DVD, exhibition, educational resources, a virtual museum, activities programme and social media.

  • Approximately 30 families of black ex-servicemen and young people from mixed cultural backgrounds will participate in the project.
  • Participants from across Nottingham will play a direct role in decision making through a steering group.
  • There will be a programme of activities and events running alongside the project.
  • Training will be provided in filming, photography, oral history, and digitising archives and artefacts.
  • The project outcomes will be available on-line and via a virtual museum.

Funded by the Lottery Heritage Project

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