Illuminated – Inside Perspectives on Mental Health

Doubtless one of the most long standing and deeply contested issues spanning the philosophical, theological and clinical worlds “mental illness”, to this day, remains unresolvedly inscrutable mockingly challenging the most judicious of minds.

In Nottingham 46,000 people suffer common mental health issues. (Nottingham City NHS Clinical Commission Group 2013).  Indeed, Mental Health is an everyday common experience.  One in four will experience some form of mental distress during their life, and most will know somehow who is coping with a mental health issue.

Illuminated at the New Art Exchange, attempts to confront this issue head on and in first-hand fashion, exhibiting the evocative work of artists having experienced severe bouts of mental illness themselves.

Preceding Mental Health Awareness Week and mutually beneficial in its projected intention, it is hoped it will enlighten viewers as to what mental illness really is, what it is to experience it and how it feels to be deemed “mentally unwell”.

illuminatedFinalPublicityShotwebThe four artists exhibiting work are Charlotte Allchurch, Kayrakise Evans, Mark Lindsay, and Simone Pinkett.  The artists have previously completed a series of workshops at the Nottingham Photographers’ Hub, and have come together for their inaugural exhibition.

For further details you can visit the Illuminated site here



Event Details:

Preview:  Wednesday 1 May 6.30pm

Venue: Central Gallery, New Art Exchange, 39-41 Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham NG7 6BE
Exhibition Dates:  27 April 2013 to 11th May 2013

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