About us


Nottingham Photographers’ Hub (NPH) Community Interest Company (CIC) formally registered with Companies House on 7 January 2011.

The Hub was set up to support marginalised individuals and communities using photography as a vehicle for personal development, community empowerment, as a pathway to other opportunities and to facilitate social change.

We aim to give a voice to people who generally go unheard which includes those with mental ill health, young people (particularly those in care, are carers, who live in chaotic circumstances, misuse alcohol and substances, are homeless, having learning disabilities and young offenders) and black and minority ethnic communities including new arrivals and asylum seekers.

Courses typically comprise up to 12 learners and run for 10-15 weeks depending on their needs and teach a range of personal development skills such as verbal and visual communication, teamwork, negotiation, decision making and interpersonal skills. Each course concludes with an Exhibition and Awards Ceremony where learners showcase their work to a wider audience and receive their framed photographs, a Certificate of Achievement and a portfolio of their work.