Photovoice – care leavers project

With the support of Awards for All we ran an 11 week photography and personal development course for unaccompanied minors seeking asylum.

Our course members told us:

  • they have developed new skills and their confidence has grown
  • they are more comfortable in communicating/ expressing themselves not only in English but through visual art
  • they feel inspired and motivated to continue learning – being able to keep the camera and a portfolio of their work will help them pursue further courses
  • one young person said he intended to hold his own individual exhibition in the future
  • they have now made a core of friends which is important in the absence of their families who live abroad.
  • They now have people they can go to for support and with home they can confide in – although they come from different countries they have similar life stories (fleeing persecution, war etc.)
  • they were very happy that over 40 people turned up to see their exhibition and receive their awards (camera, portfolio, framed photographs)

The participants’ social workers and other people involved in their care (Connexions, Horizon Housing) have been impressed by their enthusiasm and with the quality of the work and they are keen to get other young people involved in future courses.