Negatives to Postives

The exhibition was the culmination of 10 weeks work by people with mental health issues.  The course was funded by the European Social Fund and the Skills Funding Agency and administered by the managing agents Enable.

What did you learn?

  • How to use a camera and how to make good photographs
  • I have learnt how to create a more effective picture with a camera
  • How to take some brilliant pictures for something funny, objects, people, places, still and in motion with effects
  • To use camera, use light   –  image-building
  • I’ve learnt how to take better photos, different ways, still life, landscapes etc., and even actually how to use the camera


How will you use what you have learnt in the future?

  • For people to see some brilliant pictures of people and places, promotion or just funny for fun.
  • I might take up photography professionally
  • Take better photos and share what I have learned
  • Be more expressive
  • Take more photos in different ways, i.e., with head-on pictures


How has the course benefited you? 

  • It has increased my confidence in using a camera and taking better pictures
  • It has given me an enjoyable activity to do in a while, which may help me in the future, and an understanding of how to use a camera better
  • Meeting new people helped my self confidence
  • Brought my artistic side out
  • I now feel confident in taking photos and I can turn to other people confidently

And here are a few comments from friends, families, those who attended the exhibition:

  • “I’ve never seen my son so excited about anything before – his one joy in the week is going to the course”
  • “I’ve not seen her so happy in a long while – the exhibition is absolutely fantastic”
  • “I’m so proud of him – he really has done some excellent work”
  • “when are you going to run some more courses?”
  • “it’s shameful but you always focus on the mental illness rather than anything else – now I see the ‘anything else’”