Pathway to Recovery

The aim of the project is to improve the mental health and well-being of people with mental ill health. Through our photography & personal development courses and volunteering activities we specifically aim to:

  • reduce their feelings of isolation by involving them in a community activity geared around their needs where they can meet and make friends with people who have a shared interest and a shared understanding of the issues they face; and through external visits broaden their horizons by increasing access to other community activities such as museums, galleries, places of interest etc.
  • Improve their confidence levels – oftentimes people with mental ill health lack confidence and self-esteem, which make it difficult for them to commit to a programme of work.  Through the support and encouragement of our tutors, volunteers and their peers our beneficiaries will develop the confidence to be able to: communicate their views and emotions verbally and through imagery; develop a portfolio of work; showcase and talk about their work; stand up in front of a crowd of people to accept their end of course awards; and to support new learners by sharing with them their newly learned photography skills
  • Improve their mental health and general well being – the cumulative effects of reducing isolation and building confidence will contribute to an overall improvement in their mental health and well-being.


The project will, over the next three years,  be working across Nottingham and Derby. You can follow the work of the project through this link HERE





UnknownThe Project is funded by the Big Lottery Fund