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Nottingham Photographers Hub - Part 9

Other News


2011 TED prize

This year’s winner of the coveted TED award ( Technology, Entertainment and Design) is the street artist known only as J.R. The Parisian artist has made a name for himself by plastering urban areas around the world with huge photographs of the residents who live there. Related posts: Kicking off […]

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Burn 2011 Emerging Photographers Grant

unding is designed to support continuation of a photographer’s personal project. This body of work may be of either journalistic mission or purely personal artistic imperatives. The primary intent is to support emerging photographers who will become the icons of tomorrow. The Emerging Photographer Fund grant was initiated by David […]


Adrian Wood Interview: reGeneration2

In this interview, photographer Adrian Wood presents the spirit of his work, his influences, and his interpretation of portraiture and stage photography. Wood centers his work on people, on their experience, and on their lives. reGeneration2: Tomorrow’s Photographers Today exhibition and accompanying publication, is presented by Aperture Foundation from January […]


Soho Road

Soho Road in Birmingham is a place where convent, mosque, Rasta HQ, Jesus Army centre and Buddhist temple sit side by side. John Harris visits the most religiously diverse road in Britain Hack your way through central Birmingham’s oppressive tangle of flyovers and roundabouts, and you’re there. A two-mile thoroughfare […]


The Cruel Radiance by Susie Linfield

Here’s the big question: Why is photography so impotent in the face of violence? We all want to believe that images of violence, of death and destruction, will make their causes – war, injustice, cultural violence – more unlikely. But as is obvious after more than a hundred years of […]


Rankin’s scarlet women on show at National Portrait Gallery

Rankin’s scarlet women on show at National Portrait Gallery

Natasha Ndlovu dressed in a Matthew Williamson dress photographed by Rankin for a National Portrait Gallery fashion special. Photograph: Rankin In the imagination of the photographer Rankin, the scarlet sash of the improbably grateful man kneeling to receive the gift of a bible from Queen Victoria, and the scarlet sleeve […]


Wormwood Scrubs photographed by Bettina von Kameke

Photographer Bettina von Kameke spent time inside Wormwood Scrubs prison, north-west London, observing inmates’ daily rituals. Her aim was to present the human aspects of their everyday routine, common to all human life, both outside and inside the prison. The images are on show at the Great Western Studios, London, […]


This is Tim

This is Tim – video Tim Andrews, diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2005, asked photographers to photograph him as the disease progressed. Chris Floyd’s film is the latest in the series. • Read Tim Andrews’ blog to accompany this video. Related posts: Dark Side of the Lens

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The Future of Documentary Photography

Panel Discussion on the future of documentary photography from the opening reception of Luceo Images – Altered States: The Way We Live Today. The panel features TIME Magazine Deputy Photo Editor Paul Moakley, Jim Estrin of The New York Times LENS Blog, Brian Clamp of ClampArt, and Bess Greenberg of […]


What’s next in the photography industry

During FotoWeek DC’s annual PhotoFest, a group of concerned photography professionals brought together a series of presenters to talk briefly about what’s next in the industry. Michael Lutzky, a former staff photographer for the Associated Press who now is a strategy and management consultant for media companies, was among the […]

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Is photography a soft subject

Is photography a soft subject? That’s what the Russell Group, which represents the UK’s 20 largest universities, seems to think. But, photography lecturers have hit back at the assumption Top UK universities have issued new guidance [PDF] to high-school students looking to join their ranks. The guide, issued by the […]

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Dark Side of the Lens

This is an amazing film… it captures your imagination and pulls you into the world of photographer, Mikey Smith. I don’t recall seeing a better homage to the power of image making so what better way to begin the new year. Mickey Smith’s Relentless Short Stories project ‘Dark Side of […]